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Business Model Generation

Hack Funding

Investor Reporting

and Bookkeeping

Securing funding from the right investors or through crowd funding requires insider knowledge into how investors make decisions or how the platforms work. We have developed tactics that enable us to hack the process.

Use data and our business intelligence tools to build a better start up, faster and leverage our financial modelling capabilities to better understand and communicate your key business levers.

We free up your time so you can focus on what you do best

Generate or rework your business model and establish testing and measurement methodologies utilising our market knowledge, powerful tools, investor experience, and robust analysis.

Crunch and Model Data

Establish or improve your bookkeeping, financial controls and investor reporting processes to ensure you have better insights than your competitors and that you rapidly improve your financial IQ and maximise investor perceptions.

Are you concerned about not

RAISING CAPITAL before a competitor does and how it will impact your chances?

 HACK the fundraising process™

Tech Savvy

We actively keep abreast of tech trends and constantly test and try new products for the benefit of our clients.

Connected to Investors

Successfully selling your investment opportunity requires deep knowledge of both the buy and supply sides of tech investing.


Personal Experience

We know what it is like to start your own ventures and raise capital having been there ourselves.

What our clients have to say

Bunker Sessions

Per Month



Leverage our experience and tools to rapidly improve:

- Investment pitch

- Investment pitch deck

- 1 Page Summary

- Financial Projections (Review or build from template)

- Funding Strategy, including setting valuations.

Starting From

Per Session

GST Exc.

What our clients have to say

What our clients have to say

Per Item

Andrew Ward From Get Angels Now

Massage Marketplace

The bunker sessions are a great option to review or optimise funding documents or to discuss your funding approach. I know the massage industry really well, but raising capital is not my area of expertise. The bunker sessions have greatly helped me with attracting new investment and getting investors over the line.

Starting From


GST Exc.

Investor Reporting, 

Analysis & Bookkeeping


Nyree Corby From Fame and Partners

Bespoke Dress Making

The startup CFO has been a great support to Fame and Partners and to many of my peers. When access to capital is important it makes sense to find out how startup CFO can assist whilst providing some core services like bookkeeping.

Leverage our experience, tools and crack team to:

- Prepare monthly accounts and commentary for investors

- Update cash flow forecasts and financial models to analyse and optimize sales channels.

- Set-up, monitor and analyse data sources like google analytics and facebook analytics

Per Month

Investor Stack Essentials

Leverage our experience and tools to cost effectively create:

- Financial Models (multiple scenarios and funding strategy or quick seed stage models)

- 1 Page Business Summaries

- Pitch Decks (Design and communication)

- Investment term sheets 

What our clients have to say

Rod Bishop From Jayride 

Transportation Marketplace

The Startup CFO built and updates our models each month for board reporting. They greatly added to our valuation during investor negotiations when they helped us identify hidden cash flow that either our investors were not aware of or were not incentivised to point out.

Ben Thompson From Employment Hero

HR Platform and Jobs Board

Startup CFO have built multiple financial models that have greatly assisted Employment Innovations analyse and communicate opportunities. The speed at which they can construct models that are significantly more useful and insightful than other solutions as well as their price point make their offering a no brainer.

Starting From

Starting From

Fund Raising Support


GST Exc.

Leverage our experience and contacts to effectively and efficiently:

- Secure introductions to investors and prepare for investment meetings

- Refine and optimise your investor document stack and communications

- Respond to investor questions and provide assistance during due diligence and negotiations

GST Exc.


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